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  • Feel rejuvenated!

    Feel rejuvenated!

    An authentic Thai massage rejuvenates by restoring balance to our body and being, making us ready for all the things life throws our way.
  • Professional and experienced female therapists

    Professional and experienced female therapists

  • All therapists trained in Thailand with Certification

    All therapists trained in Thailand with Certification

  • Convenient safe up market location

    Convenient safe up market location

    Our massage spa is located at the Intercare Medical and Dental Centre, Parklands, Cape Town
  • Nice clean air conditioned relaxing environment

    Nice clean air conditioned relaxing environment

  • Flexible time, free booking on line or by phone

    Flexible time, free booking on line or by phone

  • Best massage and affordable price

    Best massage and affordable price

Thai massage

What is a Thai massage ?

Thai massage works on the basis of the existence of the ‘energy body’, which includes ‘sen’ or energy lines. The ten main ‘sen’ are addressed using pressure, compression’s and stretches, releasing blockages to restore the free flow of life energy.

What is the purpose of  Thai massage ?

The aim is to harmonize the body, to loosen blocks, and to recoup deficiencies along the energy lines. It has similar use to traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture which uses needles to manipulate the pressure points – instead Thai massage stimulates these same points with healing touch.

What are the benefits of Thai massage ?

The experience of a Thai massage leads to a sense of calmness and rest and a general increase of energy. The treatment also can provide relief for pain and muscle tension, lead to increased flexibility, and improve the blood and lymph circulation.


Pressure Point Massage-Back,Neck & Shoulders

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – Pressure Points

Like Deep Tissue Massage, Pressure Point Massage focuses on specific areas of the body, rather than massaging the whole body. In this technique, the therapist pinpoints the “problem” muscle and coaxes it with deep pressure to relax.  

A pressure point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body. A pressure point in the back, for example, may reduce referral pain in the neck. The neck, now acting as a satellite pressure point, may then cause pain in the head. The pain may be sharp and intense or a dull ache.

Pressure point massage therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release. … The results and benefits of pressure point massage are releasing constricted areas in the muscles thus alleviating pain. You can experience a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment. Receiving massage with pressure point therapy on a regular basis can help naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.

Deep tissue and pressure point massages are very similar. The difference is that deep tissue massage uses various traditional massage techniques to work the tissue, whereas pressure point massage is literally looking to manipulate or press on that one point that relieves tension in an entire area (perhaps not even nearby

A woman getting a stress relieving pressure point massage on her neck by a therapist

Trading Hours

Trading hours for National Woman’s Day 9 August 2018

Thursday 10 am to 5 pm

Friday      10 am to 7 pm

Saturday   9 am to 5 pm

Kindly phone 021-829 6087 or 084 222 7882 for bookings.

Thai Massage to improve sleep

Thai Massage to improve

Where Thai massage comes from


Thai massage techniques for improving sleep quality are used by many trained massage therapists. While massage in general is good for improving sleep quality, Thai massage is especially helpful for several reasons. The actual massage therapy techniques used in this specific genre of massage are helpful for promoting general relaxation and can be directed at sleep problems in general.

Thai massage results in deep relaxation
Because your body “works” through these asana, the end result is similar to the feeling you get after a traditional yoga session or a gentle fitness workout. Your body reaps the benefits of this mild exercise and stretching, resulting in a feeling of relaxation.

Thai massage lowers heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety
The natural health benefits of Thai massage include lowering your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, and decreasing feelings of anxiety, all of which contribute to more restful and uninterrupted sleep. The redirection of chi (energy life force) along the meridians of your body will stimulate self-healing and proper organ functioning. These many health benefits should improve the quality of your sleep.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage
The whole experience is done on a mat/low bed on the floor, while the receiver is fully clothed, wearing loose comfortable clothing. This is a form of energy medicine. It is a truly spiritual experience and is not unusual for people to fall asleep while receiving this wonderful form of relaxation through invigorating and intensely stimulating treatment. This type of massage is suitable for every person, from infant to great grandparent, hyperactive toddler to stressed parents. 
The weary traveller, the businessman or woman, the pregnant woman and the athlete. Every massage is adapted to suit the individual. Why is Thai massage considered as “The lazy mans yoga” ? – Because it helps stretch muscles and brings many benefits like going to a yoga class without any exertion. THAI MASSAGE is extremely helpful to relieve fatigue, muscular cramping and nervous tension . It increases flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, helping the body’s natural energy to flow more freely.

Trading hours

Trading hours over the long weekend.

We will be open as follows:

Saturday 28.04.2018 : 9 am to 5 pm

Monday 30.04.2018 : 10 am to 7 pm

Tuesday 1 .05.2018  : 10 am to 5 pm

Kindly phone 021-829 6087 or 084 222 7882 for bookings.

Easter Trading Hours

Easter Trading Hours

Friday 30 March : 10 am to 5 pm

Saturday 31 March : 9 am to 5 pm

Monday 2 April 10 am to 5 pm


Kindly contact us on 021 -829 6087 or 084 222 7882 for bookings.

Closed on Monday 12 March

Dear Clients,

We will be closed today 12 March due to renovations.

Apologies for the inconvenience but the spa will be a better experience for everyone.

We will however still be taking bookings on the number 084 222 7882 today.


Thai massage to improve blood circulation

Blood circulation

The ancient Greeks believed that a daily massage was one of the best ways to ensure good health. Experts today agree. Massage lowers blood pressure, improves body function and can help speed up the healing process.

Authentic Thai massage boost circulation to the extremities. A person with poor circulation can suffer from a variety of discomforts including the pooling of fluid in the extremities (like the toes), cold hands and feet, fatigue and achiness created by an accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Good circulation brings damaged, tense muscles the oxygen-rich blood they need to heal.

Massage facilitates circulation because the pressure created by the massage technique actually moves blood through the congested areas. The release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow in. The squeezing and pulling also flushes lactic acid from the muscles and improves the circulation of the lymph fluid which carries metabolic waste away from muscles and internal organs.

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